Debra Vinci, executive coach and president of Invision Strategic Change, inspires

people to answer the question, "What would GREAT look like?"

Grounded in over two decades of organizational change work, Debra meets

people where they are, helps them define "great," then stretches them to achieve it.

In confidential, one-on-one coaching meetings with Debra, senior executives and 

individuals work through complex issues with fresh perspective, self-insight, and

skillful business guidance.

Ms. Vinci's vision-based coaching offers a proven, practical process that aligns people

with their power and vision, and zeroes in on actions needed to make change happen. 

Clients describe Debra's coaching as insightful, outcome focused, dynamic, innovative,

and transformational.

Debra helps people make serious breakthroughs by: 

coaching  senior leaders how to surpass their toughest challenges

developing  intentional, masterful leaders

guiding  people through professional transitions

leveraging inherent strengths, passion, wisdom, and vision

inspiring  action and accountability for achieving goals 

Invision Strategic Change

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What would great look like?

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Debra Vinci, President