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"Debra has had a profound impact on

both my personal and professional life. She helped me to envision my future and facilitated laying the groundwork for realizing my goals.

I feel I have grown exponentially under Debra's guidance."

Paula Zusi, EVP,

Chief Supply Chain

Officer, Ann Taylor Stores Corporation

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Debra Vinci, President

While working on strategic initiatives, Debra discovered that some of the most compelling opportunities for organizational transformation took place on an individual level.  As a result, she adapted her proven invision strategic change™ model for individual use in 2001. Since then, Debra has been helping leaders and entrepreneurs leverage their strengths, power and vision to achieve serious breakthroughs.

Debra draws on many proven, practical business tools. She is most known for her Invision Strategic Change™ process, a particularly effective tool for visioning and transitions, and her acumen in facilitating visual meetings. A pioneer in the use of graphic facilitation in one-on-one executive coaching sessions, Debra is able to "graphicize" information when big ideas need to be translated into tactical game plans. 

Ms. Vinci holds a Bachelors degree in Communication and Conflict Management, with Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors from the University of Colorado.  After training at the Harvard Mediation Program, Debra began her career as a mediator, then worked with seasoned experts in the fields of strategic planning and collaborative change for a number of years.  For nearly a decade, Debra served as a senior affiliate of two consulting firms responsible for the world's leading facilitation and graphic facilitation methodologies, Interaction Associates, and David Sibbet's Grove Consultants International.

Debra has additional training in improvisational theatre and has performed professionally as lead vocalist for a seven-piece soul band in Boston for the past thirteen years.  Clients benefit from Debra’s performance expertise when learning how to be more dynamic, connected leaders, and effective public speakers. Debra serves as an affiliate consultant for Music of Teams, the nation’s premier music team building company, as well as the international leadership development firm, Karlin Sloan & Company.

In her leisure time, Ms. Vinci enjoys tennis, gardening, meditation, as well as spending time and traveling with her daughter, Mia Rose.

Debra Vinci has twenty three years of experience as an executive coach, business consultant, and master facilitator.  She is best known for her intuitive understanding of people and organizational change, her track record in strategic visioning, and her unique expertise leading visual meetings.

Ms. Vinci’s executive coaching is grounded in thirteen years of leading global strategic visioning and large scale organizational change efforts.  Debra has worked primarily with C-Suite and senior executives across a wide range of industries in the US, Europe and Asia, with clients including Staples, Mars, GE, Intel, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Fidelity, VF Corporation, AnnTaylor, and Liz Claiborne.