Invision Strategic Change Process™

What would great look like?

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  1. Bullet    Understand and learn from history

  2. TRANSITION COACHING    See your landscape of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats         

  3.  Just-in-time    VIP support    Understand the "truth about fear"

  4. executives    individuals in transition    strategic visioning    Clarify personal guiding values

  5.  • 617-522-2318  •  © 2008 invision strategic change. All rights reserved.    Create a vision for your ideal future

  6. shapeimage_13_link_0    Solidify vision themes/directions

  7. Making the Choice    Map out a gameplan with desired goals, strategies and actions

"Going through the Invision Strategic Change Process with Debra

was a transformative experience that literally changed my life. 

My work now reflects my personal values.  Our work helped me get to the core of what was most important, and provided me with the roadmap to get there."

Jennifer Bennet, Former Director of the Center for Women and Enterprise

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  for Success
 Just-in-time    VIP support  • 617-522-2318  •  © 2008 invision strategic change. All rights reserved.


  1. A step-by-step process for consciously moving through transitions.


executives    individuals in transition    strategic visioning
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Debra Vinci, President