Debra's visioning process

mobilized many people within a short period of time to believe in and work on implementing a new strategy.  The whole process was very instrumental in achieving a positive change within our division."

Adriano Treve, President

Roche Pharmaceuticals, Portugal

"Any executive seeking a step-change improvement in their own business results will benefit from Debra Vinci's coaching. Debra has become an invaluable personal strategic advisor to me. I consider my ongoing work with Debra as integral to my success.

Within a relatively short amount of coaching time,

  1. I am noticeably more self-aware, engaging, and empowering.

  2. I am a better mentor and listener.  

  3. I am more agile in navigating the human complexities inherent in my firm's growth.  

  4. I inspire others to author and implement our vision.

  5. Others now perceive me as more approachable and responsive, which fosters trust."     


Senior Partner, Boston Investment Firm

"Debra is the BEST champion to teach you to settle for nothing less then becoming your best Self. She is relentless and tireless when it comes to pushing through the difficult issues and obstacles that sabotage realizing your own genius.”

Interim President,

Designer Handbag Company

"Debra was my executive coach and she was very instrumental in helping me identify and achieve my professional and personal goals.  Debra was also key in helping me transition to my next role smoothly."

Susan Kellogg, President Contemporary Brands, VF Corporation;

Former CEO, Elie Tahari,Inc.

“Debra is the epitome of the perfect coach. She mentors, motivates, and moves me past my comfort zone. Debra is client-focused, understands my value system and works her brand of magic through that lens.”

Dina Battipaglia

Former President,

Liz Claiborne Accessories

"Debra introduced me

to the technique of visioning, and her mantra, "What Would Great Look Like?™" I have successfully used this in almost every business context-- driving culture change, executing business strategies, running better meetings. I now engage in a more deliberate, productive way and have become a better mentor and leader."


Multi-Brand Retail Company

"Debra has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. She has helped me envision my future, and facilitated laying the groundwork to help me realize my goals.

I feel as if I have grown exponentially under Debra's guidance. She really pushes past barriers and helps me look at things from a different perspective, which has been incredibly helpful in navigating complex situations, as well as building relationships.

I am very lucky to have Debra as my guiding light."

Paula Zusi,

EVP, Chief Supply Chain Officer,

Ann Taylor Stores Corporation

"Debra’s visioning 
process mobilized many people within a short period of time to believe in and work on implementing a new strategy.  The whole process was extremely instrumental in achieving a positive change within our division." 

Adriano Treve, President,          
Roche Pharmaceuticals,  Portugal


"Debra's Invision Process helped me produce a clear, very specific, all-encompassing action plan.  It was amazing how each step built upon the previous one, and how it all came together in the end. 

Our sessions helped me focus and unearth what was already inside. I am definitely more clear about who I am, what I want, and how to get there.

Publishing Executive, Boston

"Going through the Invision Strategic Change Process with Debra was a transformative experience that literally changed my life.  My work now reflects my personal values.  Our work helped me get to the core of what was most important, and provided me with the roadmap to get there."          

Jennifer Bennet, Former Director               Center for Women and Enterprise

What would great look like?

"Debra helped us normalize the value of engaging in stakeholder analyses.  Our work together allowed me to be more fully in the shoes of the individuals that I needed to influence,  engage, and not enrage."

Dianne Hankerson,  VP of OD,  Office of Chairman,

JM Family Enterprises

"Working with Invision was the best gift I ever gave to myself. Debra delivers results, fosters change, inspires you to think and think hard. The result is a changed person who embraces work and opportunities in a whole new way.“ 

Krista Lincoln, Former CEO

Cambridge Translation Resources

I am very familiar with a wide range of management tools and techniques.  At the outset of working with Debra, I was quite  skeptical about whether coaching would add value and produce results.  I was very wrong. Debra surpassed all my expectations.

Debra first helped me develop my own strategic plan, including strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address, personal values, a clear vision, prioritized goals and action steps.  She is gifted at identifying my most critical issues and pushes me to go at them head on.  Debra knows when to offer spot on, direct, actionable solutions, and when to facilitate and sharpen my own thinking."

Former Bain & Company Consultant

"After surrendering a 15-year private practice client base and relocating across country, Debra kept me connecting to my gifts, talents, and passion and helped clarify my future vision.

Debra's skillful coaching disarmed blocks, uncovered truthful self-insights and reminded me of my history of achievement.  She offered invaluable advocacy when I was in transition, and continually inspired me to take actions for my higher good and goals." 

Elizabeth, Principal

LightJourney Yoga and Bodywork

Debra Vinci, President